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Our name says it all. The guiding precept for the Alabama Foundation for Limited Government is government is too big,  too intrusive, spends too much money and must be scaled back at all levels. Our inaction has allowed the government  to truly become the biblical Leviathan with its’ tentacles forming a strangle hold on all facets of its’ citizen’s lives.

This website is dedicated to exposing the true size and scope of government; empowering Alabama taxpayers with the knowledge and tools necessary to break this stranglehold formed by career politicians, entrenched breaucrats and big government lobbyists.

We beleive this issue is more than partisan politics. We welcome Democrats, Republicans and Independents to join us in our effort. If we don’t take a stand now George Orwell’s 1984 will become a reality. We beign with 4 issues that we believe are essential to our effort. Stoppng Common Core, Limiting State Spending  expo,sing Campaign Finance abuses and the Anti-Corruption Pledge.

In the coming weeks and months we will be exploring all the issues that we believe are essential to to the future of Alabama.   We believe in transparency and welcome comments and suggestions on this website and what we do as a foundation.

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